Why us

Everyone at Data Centre Professionals is dedicated to ensuring your computing equipment remains online and healthy at all times. Our staff have worked for some of the largest blue chip companies and seeing a gap in the market built DACPros to address the skill gap for hardware specialist who are presentable and knowledgable to address all on-site issues.

Whether it’s a routine replacement, a system down requiring on-site console troubleshooting, to complete rack deployment, decommissioning or moving.

We have specialist moving and packing equipment along with the the project management experience to handle jobs of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on project management having handled single installation, cabling and testing deployments of up to 300 servers. We managed logistics while dealing with the vendor and customer in different timezones.

We are here to help you address challenges raised by hardware issues, technology and infrastructure changes, as well as.

In everything we do, we think ahead and take an innovative approach.

Many of our customers provide IT services, which means their entire business relies 100% on availability. At DACPros we all understand that the customer’s digital services must be always be online. This is rule number one. Every plan, project, job, down to the smallest task must be carried out with this rule in mind. Availability is our number one priority.

Efficiency supports availability. We continuously develop and improve processes, tools and project management to gain greater efficiency. We always evaluate our customers’ data centre sites and find the fastest and most efficient ways to carry out projects or maintenance tasks. Our back-office team arranges all necessary administration with the data centre sites, so you do not have to worry about it.

All DACPros employees are trained professionals and deeply familiar with computing infrastructure and data centre site principles. This training, along with our best practices, allows us to mitigate risk when accessing and working on your equipment.

We focus on all aspects relating to data centres. We know, and have dealt with, all the challenges customers come up against and we know how to address them properly and we are proud of our proven track record in deployment, decommissioning and moving of data centre locations. Our team consists of experienced technicians, engineers and back-office staff to support all our operations.

Data Centre operations are at the heart of all digital services. For an initial discussion around your requirements, or to discuss any concerns around data centre work, why not get in touch with us today, or call on 0330 088 1226.