We love working in IT, you?

In the 21st century we highly rely on IT. It helps us in every important area in
our life. Healthcare, public transport, education, business you name it. The
word needs educated experienced and hard working people to keep these
systems up and running.

Unfortunately our education system does not offer a thorough way to learn how to do this job well. People have to learn on their own.There are many self-starters who put so much effort and time in learning but they have a hard time to find job because of lack of working experience.

Our mission at Dacpros to fill this gap. We hire people with genuine interest in IT infrastructure. We can provide hands on training and real life working experience. When they are ready to move up to higher level we will help to find a new job if we cannot offer such level.

Are you serious to get into IT? Would you like to contribute in our mission to help people get into their dream profession?

We would like to hear about you: career@dacpros.co.uk