Racking servers, storage or network hardware may sound straightforward, but there are finer  aspects that affect the quality and reliability of these tasks. Every data centre varies in the type of facilities, size, and some of them are a logistical nightmare.

DACPros takes care to the entire process, starting from when the equipment arrives at the data centre. We assess the data centre – if we don’t already know it – and adjust the task timelines and number of people accordingly, to cope with the local challenges.

We unpack everything and move the equipment to the data hall or temporary storage area. We require only a rack plan which as simple as an Excel sheet showing where we need to rack the particular equipment.

We then do all cabling and cross connection for network devices. We organise console access for your network devices allowing your team will be able to configure them remotely. If you prefer, we also assist in configuring server iLOM or even carry out installation of OS. We are also able to add line cards to routers or firewalls. As a bespoke service, our engineers also handle non-standard devices, if you are able to provide the full manual for the device..

You don’t even have to worry about the large volume of packing materials. We collect and recycle them, leaving the DC in the way we found it.

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